Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mail Art Recieved

Angie and Snooky - USA

Svenja Wahl - Germany
Alicia Starr -  Iowa - USA

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sky View - Made on May 17, 2012

The Poet's Passage

Everytime i go to Old San Juan i end up having coffee at The Poet's Passage. The first time i went i saved the cup holder and end up doing this postcard inspired on the place.

Beautiful ATC from Ines Torrech.

Ines Torrech - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Ines works at La Liga de Arte de San Juan. She invited me to share with her students and faculty what i have been doing on Artist Trading Cards. She is developing this type of art with her students and also wants to involve the faculty in a special edition celebrating the 45 years of La Liga de Arte.
She exchange with me and this beautiful card is what i got. 

Mail Art Recieved

Envelope, ATC  and Postcard
Vizma Bruns - Australia

" String Attached "
Amy Irwen - Rosemount, MN - USA

" Simply Nature " ATC
Amy Irwen - Rosemount, MN - USA

Jill French - Dover, MA - USA

Portrait sent to The Portrait Project at the Brooklyn Library. It's a 4 x 4 digital work on canvas.

More information at

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nadine's Wendell - Mojica Add and Pass - The Mind

Add and Pass recieved with Nadine (Heart / Earth ) and Amy's  (One Way Ticket ) intervention.

Add and Pass finish after my intervention on May 5, 2012.

Beautiful mail art piece made by Marie Wintzer from Japan.

There was a whole collection made. A damp cloth, an oyster, a single mirror, a manikin, a student, a silent star, a single spark, a little movement and the bed is made.

Recieved from DeVillo Sloan - NY

The Trashpo Poet did it again. He can see where no one sees. This is Trashpo All - Star Series card #5.
From Cerealism to an Artist Trade Card with my last name. He Rios Yo Nut, hilarious. A bookmark from a french bookstore, G lalo , Paris, Hu Lah Lah. And the envelope with the Minxux - New York Logo and a Vintage Grocery list wish i am tented to use.

Recieved from Thom Courcelle - Seatle, Washington

10 of Clubs in Pink found by Thom.

Peace Mom 4 Dollar Bill

Ray Johnson's Bonnie in Tree Landscape

Envelope with card drawn by Thom.
The mistic misterious pink card.