Thursday, February 24, 2011

Computers, Communication and Cognition

This is chair instruction #3.

Three Horses in Black and White

Got this beautiful postcard from my sister Evelyn today. It is made by Karla R. Fritsch.

The face of Jesus envelope

I mailed cards #2 and #3 in this envelope. I found the sacred heart tattoo and it inspired me to decorate the envelope adding also few stamps with the face of Jesus. Addresses are on the other side of the envelope of course.

The face of Jesus # 3

This is a Bizantine Icon digital photo also for Sharon Silverman.

The face of Jesus #2

Second postcard for Sharon Silverman in Massachusetts. Face of Cristo Redentor of Rio de Janeiro digitalized and collage

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kindred Spirits

This 4x4 work of art was made by Alberto Carrera as a present for me on 2009.  All the little faces are ceremonial masks of different cultures. It is a tridimensional work where each mask is in it's own shrine surrounded by different galaxies representing the universe. Awesome work.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I made this collage on Feb.18. I found this golden fish interesting and this was the results.

If you don't mind....

This is Chair Instruction #2

The World is Mixed Up

It's a collage i iniciated with the instruction of an office chair i bought yesterday. Planning to do a serie with each step of the instruction. I'll probably end up with 6 cards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The face of Jesus

This is a Mail Art call from Sharon Silverman in Massachusetts. She will exhibit all the entries at The Angles and Art Gallery.  It's a collage made with a digital photo  work i did of a wooden statue " Santo" that was made by artisan Roberto Rivera. I'm lucky to have it since he died years ago and there are no more pieces in the market from him.

Mail Art Call from Eliso Ignacio Silva of Venezuela - UNO

i made this card and will be sending it to Eliso Ignacio this week. The theme of the mail Art call is Uno (One)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Comandante Ramona Porretas

I sent this card today to a blog that gives the image to work on it and to be send via email. It's fun because the character is like a female ciber revolutionary. If you want to check all the cards with this character here is the blog page; It's from Argentina.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

These are two Artist Choice ATC's i sent to Sue Valentine in England on January. A very talented lady. Love all the cards she has swap with me.
Part of the exhibition. The envelope and postcard is on the third row.
This is the 4 x 6 postcard i made for the Spain Mail Art call in Allariz Ourense, Spain. Un Mundo de Letras ( A World of Letters )  The big PR letters are for Puerto Rico. I was the only one from PR participating in this one.
This is the envelope i design for the first Mail Art call i participated en december, 2010 I had so mush fun doing this and felt great when the postman admired it and ask me about it. It was sent to Spain.  You can see the exhibition at

My new assigment

This is my new assigment in art.  Having a blog where i can share my interests in Mail Art and everything in between.  I hpe i can post soome art work soon and get some friends to visit the blog. I'll be working on it durng february.